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What 1 surgery taught me that 28 years of life didn’t

You are young, energetic, full of life.

Working hard to fulfill your dreams.

Everything is working out just the way you had imagined.

And bam! Life slaps you in your face.

In December 2019, I was diagnosed with a problem. A problem whose cause the doctors couldn’t diagnose. The biopsy reports didn’t give any clear indication on why it happened. The doctor told me, only God will have answers to your questions. And back then I just had one question,

Why me?

The pain grew overtime. The doctors were trying all their ways to avoid the surgery. They cautioned, surgery is not successful most of the time and is often extremely messy and painful.

We moved from one hospital to another, one doctor to another, trying multiple medications but nothing worked. Months passed. COVID happened. Things got more complicated as my problem was related to body immunity. Doctors guided me to be extra cautious as with low immunity, I won’t be able to fight COVID. The pain was growing day by day and there came a point where the pain wasn’t tolerable. I hadn’t slept properly in the last 6 months.

I decided to go for surgery.

It’s been 1 month since my surgery has happened. The way I used to experience life changed. Here’s how.

When the universe was giving me so much, I never asked why. When the universe gave me a problem, I kept asking why. When I had this realisation, that very same moment, I thanked the universe for whatever it had to offer. I accepted it with open arms, be it good or bad.

When I had so much free time in my hand with nothing to do, no mobile, nowhere to go, I got time to think. Think about my life, myself. When this happened, I started appreciating the smallest things that were happening around me. I felt so privileged that I could get myself fixed with this surgery. There are millions of people who can’t because they don’t sit on the same privilege that I do..

When the doctor told me that they can’t identify the reason for this problem, I had nothing to blame except my karma. I became a firm believer of karma. For the first time in years, I had a fear of the wrongs that I had done. I accepted those and told myself, I will try and be better.

I am still on bed rest, but I have a deep appreciation for what life gave me, I now appreciate whatever happens around me, I now have gratitude towards almost everything and everyone and I try to improve my karma as each day passes.

With this, I am happier, contended, blissful and at peace in whatever I do.

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