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The Initiation

Do you remember the first of any everyday task you do?

It’s the initiation.

Now, do you remember why you DIDN’T start a task you had kept planned for a while?

Yes, it’s the initiation again.

Are you single, and don’t want to be? Initiate.

Tied up with your blabbermouth girlfriend? Initiate.

Bored of life? Want to do something amazing? Initiate.

Are you an introvert? Initiate.

Initiation is all that matters.

“I have not yet begun to procrastinate.”

We all do this, right? Delaying, even if it is a small piece of work. We have become habitual to this. It takes a lot of courage to initiate a task. Here are a few tips that helped me a lot. Me, being an introvert always tried to get away from things, from initiation; and ended up missing many opportunities that came my way. Over the time, I thought, why does this happens with me? Why do I try to put back the tasks that inevitably need to be completed? That was the point when I started challenging myself. It changed my personality. Rather, it drastically transformed me to someone different. Someone more confident, more willing to get involved with new things. It made me more enthusiastic, energetic and daring.

What did I do? I just asked myself a simple question whenever I felt like procrastinating.

“WHY?” and I started initiating.

Watch this! ☺

“ A true initiation never ends” ~Robert Anton Wilson


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