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👋 Hi, I'm Akshay Pruthi. My entrepreneurial journey is deeply rooted in thoughtful product design and the art of innovation, focusing on creating meaningful connections through what we build. My journey kicked off with ‘Lost Beat,’ a platform that shone a spotlight on the unseen stars of the music world. That was just the start.

🏢 I hit the ground running and didn’t stop. Reach App and Wishfie? Both were my brainchildren, and both caught the eye of the big leagues, with Reach App being scooped up by ixigo and Wishfie finding a new home with Vokal. But that's child's play compared to my next act.

📈 I've been the mastermind behind apps that didn't just launch—they soared, hitting a staggering 100M downloads with 1M active users each across three apps. 

❤️ Then there's Alora, my latest before Essentially Sports snagged it for a cool 6X return — a grand slam, if you will. But it wasn't just the exit that made waves. Alora boasted a robust M12 retention of 35%, and our DAU/MAU a solid 40%. Metrics that didn’t just impress, they set the bar.

🤝 But here’s the kicker: When I’m not building, I’m boosting. I thrive on guiding founders through their "zero to one" journeys, unlocking the secrets of the perfect Product-Market Fit, and mastering user retention. Together with innovators at Jar (valued at ~$350M), Khabri(shut), Marsplay (acquired), OckyPocky, and Instasolv (acquired), we've turned budding ideas into veritable success stories. These companies are more than just business ventures; they stand as proof of what's possible when raw potential is steered with experienced insight

👨‍🏫 And because giving back is the real win, I run a product-design school for the underprivileged and stand as a beacon for up-and-comers in the startup scene.
So if you're about making noise and making it big, you’re in good company.

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