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🙋‍♂️ I am Akshay Pruthi, a serial entrepreneur and Product Growth Consultant for multiple companies. 

I started my entrepreneurial journey in my teens. My first product was Lost Beat, a musical networking platform aimed at promoting raw and original talent through community relations. More of an experimental product, Lost Beat helped me to identify the importance of product management. 

From there, I never looked back. Within a span of four years, I've co-created two successful startups – Reach App, Wishfie. While Reach app was acquired by ixigo, Wishfie was acquihired by Vokal.

🚀I have been working on a few apps out of which 3 have scaled to a million Monthly Active Users (MAU) with over 60% retention. 

👨‍🏫 A keen learner with an indomitable spirit, I enjoy to learn and unlearn. I am a mentor at Niti Aayog Atal Innovation mission and is also a product consultant to several companies like Jar (a savings app) valued at over $350M, Khabri (a YC-19, an audio platform), Marsplay (acquired) (a community-led commerce platform with over a million monthly users), OckyPocky (India’s first interactive English learning app for pre-school kids), Instasolv (acquired) (a doubt solving platform for class 6th to 12th and IIT/JEE exams), questbook (YC-21, edtech meets social)

My last company Alora (Alora - Android and Alora - iOS, previously Calm Sleep) was acquired by Essentially Sports - One of the leading Sports Media House in America. 

🤝I am a believer of team building. Besides my professional career, I run my own design school where I educate less privileged talents for free and is quite popular in my community for helping struggling young entrepreneurs with their Startup too.

I publish weekly blogs where I share everything I learn.
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